Franchise dealers spent over $15 billion in 2017 on marketing with a large portion going to online advertising strategies1. Franchise dealers have eagerly invested in Google advertising but their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) has been dropping each year.

The decrease in ROAS is related to increased competition to reach online shoppers. Dealers bidding on similar keywords now compete with OEM and Tier 2 campaigns that vie for the same audience in Google search.

Facebook costs are also rising as dealers utilize similar audiences to reach in-market shoppers. Dealers are realizing that their investments in online marketing need to be reined in through better targeting strategies.

Regardless of the specific strategies that dealers may use today, most dealers are not using sales data from their PMA to guide online advertising and zip code targeting strategies. The majority of dealers we surveyed do not actively use cross-sell data as part of their marketing meetings.

With ZipDriven, PureCars offers a powerful tool to help dealers quickly identify areas of opportunity by zip code. While cross-sell data has been available for years, never has it been so readily available and usable in an elegant dashboard that is executable to a digital ad buy making it data that is useable and proven to sell more cars.

In this report, we will look deeper into how dealers are using ZipDriven to increase ROAS and gain a competitive edge.