Despite the speed at which technology is evolving in the automotive industry, one of the biggest challenges auto dealers face is getting their employees to embrace change. Sophisticated data modeling enhanced with consumer online shopping data is finally delivering to dealers a powerful set of tools promised by “Big Data” evangelists.

In our report we introduce the significant financial benefits auto dealers can realize when they embrace Proactive Portfolio Management (PPM).

However, automotive dealers may not be ready to educate, train, and inspect the new processes required to leverage big data software. We believe that vendor partners must rethink how they will train their dealer network on the next generate of equity mining and retention tools.

The tangible benefits of leveraging automotive marketing technology and big data were once unknown to dealers. Our research will bring to light how dealers are leveraging a new suite of solutions from AutoAlert which promise to transform dealership marketing and retention strategies.

Where AutoAlert is breaking new ground is their approach to proactive marketing in areas that were once “off limits” to third party marketers. AutoAlert’s core technology integrated with dealership websites, CRM platforms, and email marketing campaigns promises to deliver higher gross and new revenue streams for dealers.

AutoAlert is blazing a new trail and we decided to follow that path to see where it will lead for dealers.