How It Works

The research process begins with a live presentation of the product that will be featured in our report. During the presentation, the vendor walks our research team through their product and any supporting research that they have conducted with their customers.

As part of the research process, each company must provide us with:

  • Background on company and its executive team
  • A list of dealers currently using the product that we can interview
  • Access to email a survey to all of their active customers

PCG will then reach out to current customers with our survey for supporting information, as well as one on one interviews with select dealers. Responses will be both qualitative and quantitative.

From here, PCG will be prepare the report based on their analysis of the product, customer feedback, and field testing. A typical report will be 18 to 25 pages in length.

The report will be available as a resource to the vendor and automotive dealerships on this website.

Companies who develop products for the automotive industry that are interested in learning more about a collaboration with PCG Research can schedule a brief consultation with Brian Pasch by filling out the form below. Companies will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and we are currently accepting applications for product reviews.