Today’s consumer no longer goes shopping, but is shopping, all the time and everywhere,” says Willy Kruh, Global Chair, Consumer Markets, KPMG International. A Deloitte article goes on to say that: “In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline. It is not about the digital business, it is just business.”

Dealerships need to understand that an engaging, consumer-centric website is not just an asset, it is the most critical tool a dealer has for staying competitive and successfully connecting with potential and existing customers. fusionZONE has its finger on the pulse of auto shoppers and consistently analyzes consumer web experiences to increase sales outcomes.

Here are just a few of the consumer’s pet peeves with dealership websites:

This site is so SLOW to load. I can’t even read it on my phone. I scrolled FOREVER to find what I was looking for. Can I get instant answers or do I have to fill out another FORM? Is this site smart enough to realize what I want? Just don’t waste my time. Let’s hope this consumer is not on your website! A lost sale, for sure.

Equally important: consumers have been subconsciously trained by Amazon, Nike, and LL Bean to expect immediate and informed online customer service. Gen Y auto shoppers put a high value on the customer service experience, saying it impacts their purchase decision over the vehicle design.

Dealers need a website provider who is in tune with their pain points and understands the consumer’s need for speed and intuitive customer engagement. fusionZONE meets that criteria; delivering a maximum number of high-quality conversions and providing innovative outreach to in-market auto shoppers.