Orbee Uncovers Conquest Bot Traffic

In January 2016, PCG Research published a groundbreaking research report which analyzed the quality of website traffic generated by automotive email conquest campaigns. Our research, entitled Email Conquest Marketing, reviewed email campaigns from over 10 different companies offering conquest email services to dealers in the United States.

PCG Research concluded that the traffic generated by certain companies was highly irregular. Convinced that the traffic was either generated by bots and/or a combination of bots and incentivized traffic, both of which falsely inflate online inquiry numbers, PCG felt that dealers were being misled about ROI.

While PCG’s research was carefully conducted to present a fair and balanced summary of the email marketing industry, some email companies decided to take legal action against PCG Consulting for our findings.While PCG can’t comment on those cases, we knew that our research was valid and sought to find additional ways to measure the quality of visitor traffic generated by companies offering email conquest campaigns.

Orbee specializes in software to inspect the quality of website traffic and, specifically, the identification of bot traffic. Daniel Kim, Founder of Orbee, worked with PCG to investigate email conquest campaigns more in-depth. PCG would like to share Orbee’s findings. To learn more, please download our research below.