Millions of consumers are conducting business; making their next Amazon purchase, placing a food order at Panera, and/or communicating with their friends on a mobile device. Ironically, franchise dealers seem to be ignoring retail trends.

Service Advisors are greeting their customers in the service drive with clipboards, pre-printed documents, and a pen. This system has implied inflexibility.

When a consumer arrives at a franchise dealership, shouldn’t they be greeted by someone who knows their purchase history, service history, and who can immediately respond to unscripted questions and concerns?

Dealer who understand that franchise dealerships need to create a retail experience that attracts and retains customers need to reexamine their service lane process. Service generates 7-10x more consumer transactions per month than sales.

Leveraging technology and customer data, dealers can now gain a competitive edge in the service drive. the ELEAD Service Retention Suite gives dealers the tools to increase profits, labor efficiency, and CSI.

In 2017, new car sales and gross will continue to come under pressure. Dealers must streamline their Fixed Operations processes to increase service revenue, labor efficiency, and to create a customer experience that increases retention.