Internet Sales Process

The majority of franchise automotive dealerships in the United States utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to organize and manage sales opportunities for their dealership. Dealerships will also implement a CRM sales process that meets their culture and sales objectives.

The features and flexibility of automotive CRM platforms vary greatly and constantly change based on new software releases. Some dealers are enamored with the latest and greatest CRM features while never utilizing more than 25% of the features that they have in their current CRM.

We believe that one of the main reasons why dealers are having large swings in their lead-to-sales ratios is that they don’t have a way to inspect the steps that comprise their ISP. In this report, we will introduce a simple way to inspect Internet Sales Processes and suggest ways to coach sales associates to reach their sales potential.

Dealers who have used our Sales Opportunity Calculator, CRM workflows and communication strategies have seen a significant lift in their sales profits. It is not uncommon for busy dealers to recoup millions of dollars a year by implementing our recommendations.

Best of all, these suggestions and tools are free to all dealers who want to establish a consistent Internet Sales Process (ISP) and increase results from existing sales opportunities in their CRM.