Client Command

I have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of dealers every year. Throughout my long involvement in the auto industry, the same quandaries are still resounding: “How do I know my marketing is working? Am I reaching the right shoppers? How can I effectively grow sales?

And, if those questions aren’t perplexing enough, there is the over-arching need to provide attribution to sales. With lower margins, a predicted decrease in new car sales, and, on top of that, the uncertainty of the tariff impact, dealers are laser-focused on being efficient with their ad spend. The key for dealers is to put their dollars where they produce the most measurable results: showroom traffic.

There are various opinions on when the optimal time is to market to an auto shopper. You may have heard me discredit the ‘spray and pray’ methods many times. But, wouldn’t it give the dealer a keen advantage if he was the first one to know when a shopper entered the marketplace? Only 1 out of 3 shoppers know the make and model they want1 and 78% of them are going to start their vehicle search on a third-party site1. The number of dealerships visited by shoppers continues to decline with 58% of new car shoppers visiting two or more dealerships in 2018 when that number was 8% higher, at 66%, in 2016.  With those figures in mind, it makes good fiscal sense to capture the attention of the shopper as early as possible in their search process.

This Research Report is going to provide insights about how Client Command has embraced the dealer’s need for real-time, personalized shopper information, providing the unique opportunity to understand and effectively communicate with shoppers at all points in their journey.

Equity mining and predictive analytics play an important role in auto marketing now. Take a look at the magic that happens when you can drill down to a shopper name, their searches, communication engagement, and contact info.

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