Client Command

Each year, I have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of dealers across the US and Europe. Throughout my long involvement in the auto industry, I still am bombarded with the same questions: “How do I know my marketing is working? Am I reaching the right shoppers? How can I effectively grow sales and profitability?

More than ever, dealers are adamant in their search for the correct marketing attribution to the sale. With lower margins and a predicted decrease in new car sales, dealers are laser- focused on being efficient with their ad spend. Dealers need to AVOID WASTE and put their dollars where they produce measurable results delivering showroom traffic and a resulting sale.

80% of shoppers use third-party sites during their vehicle search1. The number of dealerships visited by shoppers continues to decline; 1/3 of all car buyers now only visit one dealership and nearly half of all shoppers take less than 30 days to research and purchase their vehicle 1. With those figures in mind, it makes fiscal sense to capture the attention of conquest and retention shoppers as early as possible in their journey.

There are numerous marketing models that focus on low funnel shoppers. But think about their impact on gross profits. Wouldn’t the dealer have a keen advantage as the first one to know when a shopper entered the marketplace? Take note that only 1 out of 3 shoppers know the make and model they want1 and 36% of new-car buyers ultimately choose a brand they have never owned before1. A small window of time exists for the dealer to influence that purchase choice! Why wait until the ‘last mile’ when the shopper has already made their decision and is searching for the cheapest deal?

This Research Report provides insights on how Client Command is using artificial intelligence, equity mining, and predictive analytics to respond to the dealer’s need for real-time, personalized shopper information, including their search patterns and contact information. The need for speed has become mandatory for dealers and Client Command delivers product-specific, dealer-specific, consumer-specific communication with highly relevant shoppers at all points in their 30, 60, or 90-day journey.