PCG Research, a division of Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE) , provides in-depth product research services to the automotive community. Our proprietary research, product feedback, application testing, and customer surveys enhance and compliment product development and marketing strategies for companies selling to the automotive dealer network. PCG Research gives the vendor community a powerful set of tools to support their sales and marketing efforts.

Our independently published research helps automotive dealers select products that meet their needs. By providing dealers with in-depth product reviews, feature summaries, performance testing, user interface examples, and usability data, they can independently discover products that will help improve their sales, retention, and profitability.

Additionally, the third-party surveys have unveiled numerous areas of opportunities for vendors from their clients.

Get Found During the Dealer’s ZMOT

PCG Research is the trusted resource for dealers in their own Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), providing potential customers with research before they contact a vendor to discuss their products and services. Dealers currently have limited third-party resources to make an informed decision on websites, CRM, marketing tools, and technology. Today, PCG Research has a solution that captures the voice of the vendor and respects the interests of the dealer community.

Since 2006, Brian Pasch has established himself as an independent voice in the automotive industry. His company has the core competencies to conduct respected research and our published articles, books, and educational materials are used throughout the auto industry.

This in-depth product research done throughout the year is a natural evolution to our pioneering work with the annual Automotive Website Awards, the only automotive technology awards presented based on product research and testing.