As you know, automotive marketing has never been considered leading edge. We are always looking at what Amazon is doing, how Nike is marketing, and trying to decide if we should stick our marketing toes into what our industry may regard as new waters.

To truly innovate online marketing, dealers must understand, and cater to, the constantly evolving and individualized shopping habits of consumers. People like Bob, who just shot videos of his vacation, even the skydiving, and posted them to Facebook.

Typical of today’s consumers, Bob shops online every day (and night). He considers himself an expert at comparison shopping for everything from garage doors to refrigerators to power tools. He has been conditioned to having access to an infinite amount of information in an immediate fashion. In fact, he subconsciously grades vendors on the quality of their information, their pictures, and their videos. Why should he settle for anything less in his automotive search?

According to Cisco, online videos will account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Why do we think that is happening? Well, when marketers have statistics showing that four times as many consumers would rather watch video about a product than read about it, they respond with improved marketing tactics. Reading is work, video is entertainment.

Dealers should be amending their marketing plans and determining how they can maximize their video outreach using the power of Flick Fusion Smart Flicks.