Dealer Deployment of Google AdWords

Over 90% of U.S. auto dealers have incorporated Google AdWords in their online dealership marketing for vehicle sales, service, and/or parts. Dealership investments in Google AdWords have steadily increased due in part to OEM mandates, reimbursement programs, and a greater awareness of how Google AdWords connects dealers with in-market auto shoppers.

With millions of dollars spent annually on automotive online marketing, PCG felt it was in the dealer’s best interest financially to take the current pulse of dealers regarding their experience with Google AdWords and the current AdWords agency model.

Since Google AdWords is an open platform with no preset recommendations for implementing automotive marketing campaigns, the AdWords agency model plays a large role in determining whether Google advertising has a real value to franchise dealers in the United States.

The quality of AdWords campaigns from dealership to dealership varies greatly. Dealers have to be more vigilant to make sure their AdWords spend is effective.

To better understand these variations, PCG Research conducted a survey of over 500 U.S. franchise dealership owners and managers. We also conducted a series of interviews with dealership managers to better understand how they interact with AdWords agencies to further refine their marketing strategies.

Google Analytics data from dealership websites was also reviewed to compile additional insights into the quality, cost, and effectiveness of Google AdWords campaigns to connect in-market shoppers with local dealers.

94% of dealers surveyed by said that AdWords is a requirement for U.S. franchise dealers. Yet, these same dealers are changing agency partners far more often than they would like and have frustrations that need to be addressed.

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